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Para Operadores de Telecomunicações

Soluções SDN/NFV

Carrier SDN Solutions

NEC’s SDN solutions offers multiple benefits for network operators including substantial increases in equipment efficiency and the carving of new profit-generating opportunities.
Our SDN solutions can achieve the sophisticated functionality and high efficiency required to offer and support high value-added services.

Operação e Gestão

Operation and Management

Today, businesses expect more than just connectivity from Communication Service Providers. NetCracker offers BSS/OSS solutions that accelerate provider's business transformation.
Also Integrated Network Management System unifies and manages NEC transport nodes (optical, radio, and IP) in operator's networks.

Redes de Transmissão

Fixed Networks

As a leader in Fixed network field, NEC supports business innovation in every layer through a full suite of network transport products.
These solutions range from a backbone DWDM system, metro WDM system to multi-service platform and packet transport system.
Our total solutions comprise everything from consultation, system-creation services to operation, maintenance and management.

Soluções Small Cell

Small Cell Solutions

Today, network service providers face exploding data traffic increasing more rapidly than income revenue.
NEC's Small cell solutions covers Femto cell, Pico cell and All Outdoor Radio which efficiently connects cells.

Soluções Cloud

Cloud for Carriers

As your partner, NEC wants to help carriers build their own Cloud, a carrier-centric platform featuring services, solutions and people who allow you to acquire new value chains and revenue. Each cloud is different, so we are expanding our ability to work with you locally to help design the right business case, service portfolio and operational capability.

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